Facts & Advice

By Tilly James

Here are the top 12 facts you need to on dating. Scroll down and you will find relationship expert, Christy Goldsteins top tips on entering the world of dating.

Statistics found on ‘Dating Sites Review’

Living in this day and age and finding a date can be a tricky thing to do. With dating apps on the rise, Christy Goldstein is here to give you her advice on how to survive this tricky world of dating:

Christy Goldstein, relationship coach and dating specialist
"My advice for anyone using dating apps is to take your time. If you start talking to someone and you've only asked a few questions about their lives, do not meet them that soon. You need to know more than their dogs name or where they work.
"Why is everyone rushing to the next phase in a relationship, when they haven't even had 2 dates? Patience is key to having a successful relationship. You can't rush these important relationship milestones."
"The people who have or if they are currently pushing their relationships to the next phases too soon, it will inevitably fail and then you're back where you started. Enjoy the beginning to know you phase. And I promise a great relationship will happen when you are ready and not a minute before."



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